Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mountain Guides



I am planning on another ski touring expedition next year. Are you boys up for it?


I am thinking of tackling a few of the 4,000ers in the Dolomites.


I am looking at whether it is feasible to put my own trip together and hire a guide.


Two questions:


1.       Do you still have the details of our Mt Blanc chap?

2.       Do you know where one might go about finding guides?


I hope you guys are well and it would be good to catch up.




James Mawson

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Please sponsor me


I'm taking part in the New Forest Half Ironman on 31/05/2009 to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and I'd really appreciate your support.

It's easy to sponsor me online by credit or debit card - just go to my Justgiving page:


Justgiving sends your donation straight to Macmillan Cancer Support and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you're a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more. I hope you'll join me in supporting Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thank you.


P.S. I used Justgiving to send this email, so please don't reply to it. Replies will go to Justgiving, not to me!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

For those taking advantage of the festive season for boring more relatives with the photos, I have just added George's collection

Happy Christmas one and all.

(P.S. Giving thought to Matterhorn in 2009 but yet to do my research.)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mountain Men

Team Cowen hits the newswires!

Personally I am delighted at having completed all the munros.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Summit Photos

Small gallery of summit shots can be found by entering the photo gallery and searching for "summit".

Still a few missing (Mawson!)

(Big thanks to Richard, chief guide, for making sure that Team Cowen got their shot)

(For the techies: To add a photo to this group simply tag the photo as "summit")

Reunion Dinner!

Time: Monday 22 October, 7 for 7.30

Venue: the West Library at the Athenaeum Club, 107 Pall Mall.

The Club opens on to Waterloo Place, by the steps leading down to the
Mall. It is recognizable by the large gold statue of Athene above the
entrance and the classical frieze around the building. The club telno
is 020 7930 4843 and my mobile is 07740 552622. Don't let any taxi
driver take you to the Athenaeum Hotel, which is somewhere else

When you come in, leave any coats on the pegs in the entrance hall
(gents) or downstairs (ladies) and make your way upstairs. The West
library is on the left at the top of the stairs and I shall try to be
the first one there.

Suggested menu:

Marinated salmon in dill
Supreme of pheasant with a wild mushroom ragout
Seasonal vegetables and potatoes
Apple and raspberry strudel, chocolate sauce

Champagne JP Robert
Claret Chateau Lacoste-Borie 2001
Port Taylors LBV 2000

Dress: tbc

Looking forward to a proper celebration of our triumphs,


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Alpine pics

Hi folks


I have added some pictures to the Picassa site – they are in a different directory but it should be fairly obvious how to get to them (if anyone knows how to move then, please do). Her e you will see the ascent of the Gran Paradiso from the valley floor -no chair lifts for some of us and even the donkeys declined to carry me up – to the Madonna at the top. Quite why she is there is beyond me (but then she probably wondered why I was there.



Scrambles amongst the Alps

I’ve been reading Edward Whymper’s “Scrambles Amongst the Alps, 1860-1869” and came across the following which may strike a chord:


“We who go mountain-scrambling have constantly set before us the superiority of fixed purpose or perseverance to brute force.  We know that each height, each step, must be gained by patient, laborious toil, and that wishing cannot take the place of working; we know the benefits of mutual aid; that many a difficulty must be encountered, and many an obstacle must be grappled with or turned; but we know that where there’s a will there’s a way: and we come back to our daily occupations better fitted to fight the battle of life, and to overcome the impediments which obstruct our paths, strengthened and cheered by the recollection of past labours, and by the memories of victories gained in other fields.

We cannot estimate our enjoyment as you measure your wine or weigh your lead; it is real, nevertheless.  If I could blot out every reminiscence or erase every memory, still I should say that my scrambles amongst the Alps have repaid me, for they have given me two of the best things a man can possess – health and friends.”


The whole week was awesome – thanks, friends, for making it such fun as well.



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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Morning all

Well a week back from the ascent and I'm sitting watching Portugal v the All blacks remembering the Savoy, the french defeat at the hand of the Argies and cheap jugs of beer. Tim, I think the blog has been a great success and you have at least converted mawson to the ways of the web. I have uploaded my meagre contribution of photos and look forward to seeing the rest.

James M I will be touch re the grand reunion